A new dining experience, in Milan's headquarters of design. The idea behind "O twist & taste" is to create a all-around concentration of flavour: a street food of excellence whose main ingredients are tradition and innovation.
"O twist & taste" is an example of how the Neapolitan inspiration for the good things done well can be adapted to the atmosphere of a big city like Milan.

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A whole other break


Ideal as a walk-about snack or quick lunch that combines lightness and taste, "O twist & taste" is the solution for those who want high quality, even in daily snack breaks.
Who ever said that street food can not share the characteristics of excellence that make Italian cuisine unique and refined?

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Selected from the food heritage of the different Italian regions, the ingredients of "O twist & taste" express Italy through its best products, on a journey of flavour along the Italian peninsula.
Each round is freshly prepared with the utmost care and passion.

The base


To make the base of 'O, the Ruoto, we only use organic flour obtained from highest quality cereals.
Traditional white, wholemeal or kamut©, each Ruoto is distinguished by its light batter, digestible and rich in taste.


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