A new dining experience, in Milan's headquarters of design. The idea behind "O twist & taste" is to create a all-around concentration of flavour: a street food of excellence whose main ingredients are tradition and innovation.

"O twist & taste" è is an example of how the Neapolitan inspiration for the good things done well can be adapted to the atmosphere of a big city like Milan. References to the classic pizza are mixed in its flavour, memories of the famous flat bread and even references to the Mediterranean pita. All accompanied by a careful selection of raw materials which are processed with authentic gourmet take out recipes.
At the root of 'O's philosophy are simplicity and attention to detail.


The secret


Only water, flour, salt and yeast, for a dough that is inspired by the pizza of Salerno with 48-hour rising, essential for a digestible, but also crisp and crunchy result. Cooking takes place in two stages, before and after the toppings. The rest is imagination and passion.
Few but precious secrets, make "O twist & taste" a unique delight.


A whole other break

Ideal as a walk-about snack or quick lunch that combines lightness and taste, "O twist & taste" is the solution for those who want high quality, even in daily snack breaks.
Who ever said that street food can not share the characteristics of excellence that make Italian cuisine unique and refined?
The experience of the kitchen tradition, selection of the best ingredients, the precision of every gesture from the preparation of the dough to its skilful cooking.
Just a few tricks are needed to turn a simple meal into a break with a whole different flavour.